Reme Ekoh

I solve problems with Web technologies.

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Howdy! I am a Consultant Front-end Web developer with a passion for quality web development and I relish the challenges presented by complex projects.

Previously, I've worked with Houston Methodist, Houston Independent School District, Houston Counseling and Mediation Center, Beacon Limo, and Manifield Solictors among others. Currently, I am the co-founder + Developer at Start UX - a UX research and design shop for today's startups & entrepreneurs, based in Houston, TX.

My services include:

User Research

I investigate the impact of your (product) design on intended audience. This process varies widely depending on the type of site, system or app you are developing.

UI/UX Design

I create an enabling environment for your users to acheive their goals through your digital products, ensuring an intuitive, impactful, and even delightful experience.


I ensure your final product not only meets but exceeds the current industry standard using modern web technologies with strict adherence to best practices.

"Nothing is impossible. It's just code."